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The name Moncler comes from the acronym Montestier de Clermont. Founded in 1952 in Grenoble, France, the company is now headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is an apparel brand that started with professional outdoor sports equipment, and its products are mainly down clothing. The Moncler brand name comes from the small town of Monestier de Clermont, the story of Moncler began during the Second World War, the brand has a legendary history, today, buy Moncler jacket in the outdoor down clothing industry, become the leading international top brand, Moncler’s brand Logo is a combination of the letter M and a rooster.

The MONCLER GENIUS collection in 2018 co-branded 8 contemporary masters of design, not only to break the seasonal limits, but also to create high topics, in 2019 to multiply the victory and follow this collaborative approach, with the designers to continue the genius program ( Best copy Moncler jacket ), each Genius collection shows a different charm, and each month to release one or more collaborative collection, like a tour.

Handsome pilot’s jacket, wearing a phantom aviation dream.

The dream is created by mixing aviation, 1960s MOD culture (also known as Modernism or Modernism) and Pokémon. The military green pike coat, decorated with a down hood, has a strong sporty style, and the sleeves of the aviator jacket are mixed with matte and glossy nylon, creating a sharp contrast. Hiroshi Fujiwara has combined his original design with the high-tech features of Minko’s, with checkered shirts, teddy-style wool jackets and sweatshirts, all made of down

The Elf’s Pokémon and PORTER models are a must-have

The most anticipated addition to the collection is the collaboration with Pokémon, where Pikachu prints are spread on down jackets, and colorful and visually stimulating sweaters, tattoos and bright down jackets, all transporting people into the space-time of anime games.

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