“WARMLY MONCLER” FOR UNICEF,buy Moncler discount jacket

Moncler is pronounced this way because it comes from the town’s name Monestier-de-Clermont. Moncler was originally founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of sleeping bag sewing. Although they are known for their fluffy down jackets, they did not invent them. This honor comes from Eddie Bauer, who proposed the idea in 1936. Since its establishment, Moncler has produced down products, but it is more practical and more suitable for mountain workers. Eventually, a French climber named Lionel Terrey approached luxury high configuration Moncler jacket and asked if he could make a jacket for the expedition. They accepted this challenge and have since become a display equipment supplier for many mountaineering groups.

In 1954, Moncler was equipped with the first crew members to succeed in K2. By 1968, Moncler became very popular and famous and was appointed as the official supplier of the French ski team. As the company grew, Moncler decided to change the logo to the current Moncler logo Rooster. As you know today, the iconic Moncler down jacket appeared in the 1980s. As part of the subculture, a young Italian named Paninari, he started wearing work clothes such as Moncler’s bright fluffy jacket and forest boots. Moncler responds to this trend by adding gloss to jackets and fur trims. In 2003, Moncler was acquired by Italian entrepreneur Remorphini. Remorphini relocated its headquarters to Milan today. In a new direction, Moncler decided to focus on fashion rather than quality based on the expedition. Therefore, they recommend using the Gamme Rouge series.

In 2017, discount Moncler jacket worked with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to support extremely poor children in countries with the most severe climate and social conditions. Through UNICEF’s “Warm Monkler” project, children and their families around the world have been given clothing and special winter clothing to protect themselves from bad weather. About 11,500 children were helped.

UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund, working in 190 countries around the world to protect the rights of all children. Charities have been improving the lives of poor children and their families for 70 years by seeking safe havens, nutrition, protection and equality.

As a further commitment to UNICEF, Best copy Moncler jacket will support charity by donating € 1 million, and celebrate this partnership on October 18 with the launch of two MONCLER ENFANT FW18 jackets (CAILLE and ARTHON). Follow UNICEF’s “Warm Monks” and use special labels

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