What does the Canada Goose Down logo mean?

Look closely at the Canada goose down logo which is actually a map of Canada, Canada goose in English There are regular (red) and black labels, moncler jacket sale mens and according to my personal summary, the black label is actually just a gimmick. Because of the price, workmanship, and fabric, there is almost no difference between the regular red label and the black label.

Canada Goose down jackets also appeared on major Hollywood phones, and many Hollywood stars also wore Canada Goose down jackets.

Except for the color of the logo, one is black and the other is red, I don’t think there is any obvious “high-end” feeling. Of course, the black camouflage color does have some stability and atmosphere. But personally I think if you start from the demand of warmth and texture, the regular version can satisfy your starting point.

Canada Goose is distinguished by its excellent functionality and fashion.

Canada goose down jacket and black label and white label points, although they are a brand, but black label and white label is different, probably in the Prior to 2016, at that time, white labels used white duck down for geese. The Black Label uses white goose down. So the Black Label was more expensive (at least $200 more than the White Label) and naturally the Black Label had better warmth and very few styles.

Canada Goose down jacket has become the best down jacket brand now.

After 2016, Canada goose changed its strategy to cater to consumer tastes and made more than 90% of its In the White Label version, the Black Label option was added and the price was adjusted to be equal, with the two logos being filled with white duck down. (i.e. a goose can be either black or white labeled, with no difference in price or material or pattern).

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